Shamelessly Unique

The products from LVST & FEAST are innovative – there is nothing comparable! Suitable for every taste and occasion. Our three products are suitable for every taste and occasion: exotic (Bucco), floral (Rose) or tart (Juniper).

The taste develops best on ice. They can also be enjoyed neat or mixed as a spritz.

Woman with glass of LVST & FEAST balancing on head

Natural for the fine Palate

The aperitif is based on carefully selected and perfectly blended plant extracts. Gently produced without fermentation, artificial flavors or coloring. With a gentle bitter note for the aperitif character.

Ideally suited for sophisticated connoisseurs. With a perlage comparable to quality sparkling wine, every sip is a bubbly experience.

Timeless Elegance

A feeling of belonging when toasting. Enjoyment with a unique experience for all the senses. LVST & FEAST is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to treat themselves to luxury and serenity - without alcohol.

Celebrate without a headache. And always be part of it!

Man in suit with glass of alcohol-free aperitif in his hand
How to drink

Our aperitif is versatile

LVST & FEAST can express its aroma and give every drink a very special touch depending on the occasion and palate.

Our genuine recommendation is to drink it in a wine glass on ice.

But you can also drink it purely in a champagne flute, mixed as spritz, or as a long drink with non-alcoholic gin. In any case, it should fit your personal taste!

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LVST & FEAST Aperitif recipe with juniper
LVST & FEAST Aperitif recipe with rose