Frequently asked questions

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What does LVST & FEAST mean?

The name LVST & FEɅST is phonetically pronounced lʌst ænd fiːst. The brand stands for the desire to enjoy life to the fullest and celebrate it to the max. Free from compromise and sacrifice!

What is the vision of LVST & FEAST?


We consciously break (old) habits through creativity and innovation and create something unique. Our vision of flavour, design and brand positioning guides us in everything we do.

What is the mission of LVST & FEAST?

We strive to become the leading brand for premium non-alcoholic beverages.

The core of the LVST & FEAST brand stands for aesthetics, extravagance and quality. These values are our brand promise. We strive for excellence and do everything we can to ensure that this is not just an empty promise!

Where is LVST & FEAST based at?

LVST & FEAST is based in the small municipality of Wolfschlugen in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Our products are produced and bottled in Germany.

Where can I purchase LVST & FEAST?

You can purchase our products here on our website. They will be delivered to you within a few days! And what's even better: if you order three or more bottles, you get free shipping!

Our aim is to offer you the opportunity to buy our drinks also outside our webshop.
If you would like to know where LVST & FEAST is already available, please contact us.

Where can I follow LVST & FEAST on social media?

You'll find our social media channels in the footer. We highly appreciate new members of the LVST & FEAST-family and look forward getting in touch with you!

Why non-alcoholic?

We believe that having fun does not require alcohol. This is why our aim is to unleash the flavor, not the hangover.

We are noticing an increasing will in society in favour of a conscious lifestyle without alcohol. But there are also plenty of other reasons to choose non-alcoholic drinks, i. e. being the driver for the night or being pregnant. The market of non-alcoholic beverages is steadily growing, which shows that people are more conscious about their alcohol consumption.

We highly appreciate and want to support this with our non-alcoholic aperitif. On top, we believe that non-alcoholic beverage don't need to be boring. That is why our products are based on a completely new taste experience.

What is so special about your taste?

We promise: you have never tasted anything comparable before! Our products are innovative - no bad copies!

LVST & FEAST is based on carefully selected and beautifully blended natural botanicals. No artificial flavors or colors additives! With the aspiration to organic origin!

Is LVST & FEAST sparkling wine?

We do not use wine grapes as basis for our aperitif and therefore it is not sparkling wine.

Is LVST & FEAST vegan?

We completely waive using animal ingredients or components in our products and for their production!

What is the best way to drink LVST & FEAST?

We suggest to enjoy our apertif chilled at 4°C. Our products are naturally aromatic and do not require any additions. Therefore, they are ready-to-drink and best served in stemmed glasses.

However, tastes are different and our aperitif offers the option of being mixed with ice or other drinks, e. g. it beautifully blends with non-alcoholic gin.

Do your products contain sugar?

Alcohol is a natural flavor carrier that we completely avoid in our products.

To bring our sophisticated flavors to life, we use natural sugars with organic origin and create a mouthfeel that imitates alcoholic drinks.

Although our products are not sugar-free, the calorie / kilojoule content is much lower than their alcoholic counterparts.

Detailed information can be found on our product pages and on our bottle labels.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to Germany.

We are working on expanding our shipping area to other countries.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we do! If you purchase three or more bottles, you qualify for free shipping.

Please, see our Shipping Policy for more information!

I'm planning a big event. How can I get a larger number of bottles?

Of course, we will also assist you if you need larger quantities of LVST & FEAST. In such case, we will be happy to support you in finding a customised delivery solution. Please contact us in time.

Are you shipping to PO boxes?

Sorry, unfortunately we cannot ship to PO boxes.

Please provide an alternative address at checkout so that we can deliver your order.

How long are the shipping times?

We strive to ship your order as quickly as possible.

Please allow 2-4 business days to receive your order. We cannot guarantee or specify a day of the week or time of day for delivery.

If your order contains multiple items, your shipment may be sent in separate packages and arrive at different times.

Can I update the address of my order?

We may update the address of your order if it has not yet moved to pending or packed or shipped status. The time period for this varies. So, if you need to change your address when placing an order, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to help you.

Please note that in accordance with our Terms of Service, we cannot guarantee that changes will be accepted once an order has been placed.

How do I get my order from a pickup point if I can't pick it up myself?

Once a package reaches a pickup point, we can no longer redirect it. If possible, you can arrange for someone to collect the package on your behalf.

If the package cannot be picked up, it will be returned to us. At that point we may issue a refund to your payment method or attempt to resend it to you.

Please contact us if you are unable to collect a package. Once it has been returned to us we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.

What should I do if an order arrived damaged?

We ensure that our bottles are carefully packed. Should anything nevertheless be broken, we will of course refund the price of the delivered products as soon as the damage has been duly proven.