LVST & FEAST is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to treat themselves to luxury and serenity - without alcohol.

Flavor that dances without your head swaying the next morning.

Woman with glass of LVST & FEAST balancing on head

Natural plant extracts

LVST & FEAST is based on carefully selected botanicals and therefore ensure uniquely refreshing experiences in taste.

Whether at an intimate dinner or at a royal celebration - every sip of LVST & FEAST is a symphony of vibrant aromas with notes of the finest flowers, aromatic fruits and delicate herbs that dance across the palate.

LVST & FEAST consists of products of the highest quality.

Natural botanicals as basis for our aperitif

Refreshingly sparkling

Many alcohol-free alternatives only develop their full character when other additives are added. LVST & FEAST is ready-to-drink and provide a sparkling, fresh drinking experience.

As soon as you open the bottle, the complex aromas are carried to your nose and create anticipation. The slight bitter note and the bubbles round off the taste experience.


Group of four enjoying LVST & FEAST aperitif

Taste: Beyond Ordinary

Craving a flavorful change? Our aperitif comes with three different flavors that remain in your mind!

From floral over exotic to timless and robust drinks - LVST & FEAST offers a unique taste experience perfectly matching your occasion!

Woman with glass of LVST & FEAST refreshingly sparkling and taste beyond ordinary


Whether pure in a champagne flute, mixed with ice cubes as a spritz, with 0.0% sparkling wine or as a long drink with non-alcoholic gin. LVST & FEAST can express its aroma and give every drink a very special touch depending on the occasion and palate.

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